Aimee’s Story

Aimee’s love for music began at a very early age. She first discovered that she could play by ear when she was only four years old. After her mother had finished practicing a piece on the piano, Aimee immediately sat down and started to play the same song, without any sheet music or formal training. After that event, Aimee’s parents were quick to sign her up for music lessons, and Aimee fell in love with playing the piano.

At the age of nine, after a few years of music lessons, Aimee tragically lost her grandmother. After weeks of mourning the loss, Aimee had a dream that her grandmother told her not to worry about her anymore, and that she was in a better place. Aimee began to hear music in her head shortly after the dream, and that was when she began to write her own original music.

Throughout her childhood, Aimee practiced diligently and was asked to perform for events all over her city. Her songwriting skills took off as well, and after years of intense work, Aimee ended up auditioning for the School of Music at Miami University, where she was awarded a music scholarship.

As an adult, Aimee has performed all over the state for special occasions, shows, and big events. She writes music for local tv and radio shows, and recently graduated from Miami University with her Bachelor of Arts in Music. She is currently accepting new students in her virtual piano studio where she offers weekly online lessons. Aimee’s dream is to help spread her love and passion for music to the rest of the world.